JCloudDM (The Java Cloud Download Manager) is a simple Java application you can use to automate the cloud map downloads.

JCloudDM Main Window

First create a configuration file by choosing File->New. Enter the cloud map to download, the location on your file system where you want to store the image, your account information, and (optionally) a download schedule.

Configuration Window

If you use a desktop program that downloads the cloud maps from a web site but don't have an option to enter your password to get it directly from xplanetclouds.com, you can use JCloudDM to set up a local web server. Enter the directory that contains your downloaded cloud images.

Configuration Window

Save the configuration file, then just press Start! The program will check for new cloud maps every five minutes, or according to the schedule you set in the Configuration window. If you've enabled the web server, you can now access your cloud maps using a URL like http://localhost:8080/clouds_2048.jpg (for example). Press Stop to stop checking.


Once you've created a configuration file, you can run JCloudDM from the command line, if you wish:

java -Dproperties=JCloudDM.config -jar JCloudDM.jar

Running in a DOS window

If you have any trouble, please send the contents of the log window to xplanetclouds@gmail.com.

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