I am not a lawyer and I'm sure none of this will hold up in court. Nevertheless, here are the terms of service you agree to when you purchase a subscription.

Your subscription grants you permission to download the latest cloud maps from XplanetClouds.com. The global infrared cloud mosaics are posted every three hours. The creation time of each map is embedded in the file as a JPEG comment.

These images are not real snapshots nor are they particularly accurate; they are mosaics created from geostationary weather satellite images. The times of the source images may differ by several hours since they are only available at limited times during the day. The cloud maps are not calibrated or carefully geolocated. They may occasionally have white or missing areas due to satellite transmission errors.

Cloud maps may be used for commercial purposes and you may distribute derived products, such as images of the earth using the cloud map as an overlay. However, you may not distribute the cloud maps themselves without permission from XplanetClouds.com.

Please do not download images more frequently than once every three hours. Excessive downloads may result in deactivation of your account.

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